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    QL-Marlboro electric shocker electric horn gun batons electric bato


    Applicable industries:

    Detailed parameters

    Product description and function:

    1, the shock voltage: standard 600 million volts (measured data, no exaggeration)

    2, the power supply voltage: 9V

    3, the charging voltage: home 220V (plug in the home can be 220V socket)

    4, Dimensions: 110 × 50 × 22 (mm)

    5, the product a sufficient charge, electric shock function can continue to use 3-5 hours, the lighting function can continue to use 8-10 hours

    6, the product features electric shock and lighting, lighting the maximum range can reach 150 meters, very practical

    7, the external use of imported products made of ABS plastic, work well, the use of high-capacity internal nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries, long service life.


    1, self-defense shock: open the shock insurance, according to the shock switch to electric shock;

    2, lighting: open the lighting insurance, according to the switch can be lit;

    3, the unit of the product battery is not sufficient but there is a certain amount of electricity, so before the charge to run out of electricity, run out of the standard is the light becomes weak or shock sound smaller. The first charge 12 hours, the second 10 hours, the third 8 hours, after 3-5 hours can be;

    4, contact is valid, you can choose two pieces down jacket, separated clothing does not affect the effect.


    1, legal issues: This product is only used for self-defense, in case of emergency for users to fight for time to escape! Is strictly prohibited for any illegal activities, or all the consequences of their own;

    2, do not store in a wet low temperature or ultra-high temperature environment, not sun, rain;

    3, in order to extend the service life, should try to avoid continuous electric shock more than 10 seconds;

    4, the ban on metal objects shock;

    5, is strictly prohibited for children, women, the elderly, heart disease and heart and other important parts of the human body to use.


    Commodities in strict accordance with the national three packs of policy, quality problems seven days Baotui, one year Baohuan, three years warranty, lifetime costs.


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