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    Portable gravity sensor lamp waterproof LED stainless steel clip shoulder lamp

    Description:Description: the red and blue flashing shoulder lamp is a kind of scene display product, which is customized by all kinds of duty personnel. It USES the high-brightness LED active light source, which greatly improves the scene display effect. It can remin

    Applicable industries:

    Applicable industry:

    This product is widely used in the public security, auxiliary police, auxiliary police, urban management, road administration, administrative law enforcement, traffic law enforcement, high-speed traffic police, security, property, fire, railway, emergency rescue, patrol, sanitation, security, security, security, security patrol and so on.

    Detailed parameters

    Specification parameters:

    Size: 35 x88x25mm

    Weight: 55 g

    Color: red and blue double flash or as required

    Battery capacity: 3.7v 500mAh

    Sustainable working time: ≤16h

    Waterproof grade: IP66

    Resistance height: 1.5M

    Pulse current: 14mA

    Flashing frequency: 8Hz

    Temperature: - 30 ℃ - 60 ℃

    Position detection: gravity induction

    Position state transition: manual or automatic induction adjustment


    Setting method of gravity induction: under any condition, long press on key for more than 3 seconds and the white LED lighting flashes briefly, indicating that the neutral induction setting has been successfully turned on. If the original setting is turned on, long press this key to turn off the gravity induction function.

    Manual mode operation instructions: manual mode refers to the mode of turning off gravity induction, short press on key, horizontal direction LED light strobe, short press again, vertical direction LED light strobe, third short press, LED light on, and then press off.

    Operation in gravity induction mode: after the gravity induction mode is opened (see setting method above), press the power button to start the strobe. Then the shoulder lamp will automatically detect the position state and adjust the strobe direction (horizontal/vertical) according to the position state.In this mode, you can also set the manual mode, manual mode can only be maintained for 5 seconds, setting method is as follows: short press the power button, shutdown state shoulder light stroboscopic and automatically detect position state, if the state is a horizontal stroboscopic, level of LED lights flashing, status of perpendicular to the vertical flashing, short press the power button for the second time, will change direction of stroboscopic, and keep the 5 seconds, shoulder after 5 seconds will automatically detect position state and readjust the flashing direction, after the adjustment in the right direction keys to open short press 2 times in a row lights, short press close all work again.

    Charging method: in the process of use, when the brightness of LED lamp becomes weak, the power is insufficient. Please charge it in time.The discharge protection function is provided when the device cannot be started (the voltage is insufficient when the device is not started). Please charge it immediately.When charging, open the waterproof cover of the charging socket of shoulder lamp and insert the charger. When the charging light is red, it means charging; when the green light is green, it means charging has been completed. Please disconnect the power in time.

    Recommended wear position: the product clip in the epaulettes or in the chest buckle use;In order to achieve the high brightness of the scene, the LED light in the epaulettes in the use of the horizontal direction of the LED light stroboscopic flash, in front of the use of the LED light in the vertical stroboscopic flash.Two stroboscopic modes can be adjusted manually or automatically by pressing the gravity sensor.

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