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    QL-28 LED Rechargeable shoulder lamp

    Description:Description: the red and blue flashing shoulder lamp is a kind of scene display product, which is customized by all kinds of duty personnel. It USES the high-brightness LED active light source, which greatly improves the scene display effect. It can remin

    Applicable industries:

    Applicable industry:

    This product is widely used in the public security, auxiliary police, auxiliary police, urban management, road administration, administrative law enforcement, traffic law enforcement, high-speed traffic police, security, property, fire, railway, emergency rescue, patrol, sanitation, security, security, security, security patrol and so on.

    Detailed parameters

    Rechargeable shoulder lamp:

    1. Compact and exquisite 304 stainless steel clasp equipment with one clip to use, light weight, good waterproof performance, convenient to carry the charging of a long burst time.

    2. The two functions of explosive flash lighting are switched at will, and the protection effect of 12 ultra-high intensity red and blue LED lights is excellent!

    3. The wearer can be found from 500 meters away. The shoulder lamp USES high-brightness red and blue LED lights to realize the function of explosive flashing through the switch.

    4. Quick charging of lithium battery, supporting charging of charging treasure, energy saving and environmental protection, avoiding pollution of dry battery

    5. It can be used continuously for more than 11 hours after charging

    6. It is used for cross-scene duty, road defense workers, camping lifesaver, and LED stroboscopic high-altitude display flash plays a very good role in scene display, so as to protect the safety of the wearer.

    Introduction to use:

    Switch press to start the flash, press the light on, press to shut down, in turn.

    Commodity parameters:

    Operating temperature: -20c - + 60c flashing frequency: 8HZ

    Rated voltage: 3.7 -- 4.2(VDC) power supply: polymer lithium battery

    Power protection: overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit, ultra-high temperature charge and discharge

    Battery capacity: 500 (mAh) control mode: touch CNC

    Charging time: 2.5-3.5 hours working time: >11 hours

    Charging mode: constant current trickle charging mode: red and blue flash, lighting

    Wear mode: 304 stainless steel back clip fixed or 360 degree rotatable plastic clip (optional)

    Weight: 40g gauge: 78*33*26mm



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